People on this forum are constantly saying you can mic your amp, and it got me thinking. Are they're any professional guitarists now who use low-wattage amps and mic them live?
how low are you talking about? 30W might be low to some people, and I've seen guys run a couple low-wattage amps in conjunction with larger ones. 5W amps are usually for the studio though, I don't know of any professional artist using a 5W amp as his primary gigging amp (although there probably are some)
I've seen some famous Belgian guitarists use AC15's
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I saw the airborne toxic event live and they were using mic'd blues juniors for the guitars.
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i know clapton recorded layla on a small 1X12" amp

Lots of people use low wattage amps in the studio, not so much live, although I don't consider 18W low wattage
When I saw Rancid they used some small fender amps along with a Marshall and Mesa head. I think the guitarist from U2 uses AC30s for his sound. Also, I think Stone Temple Pilots uses AC30s too.
I wouldn't really call an AC30 low wattage, though. Those things are pretty much loud enough for any application. The thing is, once you reach a certain point in your career, I don't think excessive volume is much of an issue. If somebody like Clapton or Van Halen wants to crank a Marshall Major to 11 onstage, the venue is pretty much going to do their best to work around that. That's not a luxury that most intermediate-beginning performers have.
there are lots of professional musicians who use low wattage amps live. mainly jazz, blues, and country players. all dr. z amps a low wattage, and you can find tons of players who use those live, like charlie hunter.
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Wasn't Layla recorded with a Fender Champ? That's like 5-7 watts, isn't it?

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I wouldn't really call an AC30 low wattage, though. Those things are pretty much loud enough for any application.

Agree again, below 15W is what I'd call low wattage
A local band here uses a Little Giant + TS8 for great rock tones, and they play to 200+ plus people at some outdoor gigs, but thats just on the local scene.
TS, pro's tend to mic up their amps regardless of the wattage.
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Curt Kirkwood from Meat Puppets uses a little Zinky amp like this:

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My guitar teacher hooks up his 150 watt amp to a PA system when he gigs.