ive got an iron maiden song stuck in my head and i need you to help me figure it out

all i can remember is the opening riff



edit: i think it reapeats 4 times
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That's nice but what are the note-length values? For all I know they could be 32nd note triplets.
I was gonna say Fear of the Dark as well.
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sounds a bit like ''Hallowed be thy name'' to me =S
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It doesn't sound like any Maiden song I've heard. Maybe I'm just not playing right.
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No Prayer For The Dying?

This, definitely
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Yeah it's either Fear of the Dark or No Prayer for the Dying....they both are really really similar
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so are most Iron Maiden songs realy, they definitetly have a formula for the bulk of their material
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ahh yeah I was totally thinking "lol wut a tab from a tonefeaf 12 year old of fear of the dark?" but now that I hear the no prayer for the dying I can hear it.
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