Before you say 'go and try them' I would but not only is it very difficult for my to travel (no car) all the music shops that even slightly close to my home only sell the very high end and low end amps.

(Price range <£450ish, no stretching)

Ashdown Mag half stack http://www.thomann.de/gb/ashdown_mag_300h_bundle.htm

Hartke 250w combo http://www.thomann.de/gb/hartke_vx_2510.htm

Gallien Krueger halfstack http://www.thomann.de/gb/gallien_krueger_backline_600_115_halfstack.htm

Any opinion/suggestion/input would be greatly appreciated, I'm relying on you!
I think the Ashdown would be your best bet. From what I've heard, backline isn't as good as their other stuff, and I think it's better than the combo. I also hate 210s, but keep in mind that you may not

edit: you know that both stacks are out of your budget, right?
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Quote by Canadian_basser
you know that both stacks are out of your budget, right?

The big price is in Euros, the real price is underneathe.

And damn I thought I might have found a good deal with that GK.
silly me then. ^^

I think the GK is still fine, I just don't think it's up there in terms of the RB series. I think Cody Grey is some Gk fanatic, if he swings around he might know.