I've been a guitar player for a while and thought it'd be cool to pick up the bass.

I was thinking of sticking with using my fingers even though I'm used to a pick.

I have some experience with using my fingers, but have trouble when keeping a steady beat for long periods (one finger is stronger).

Are their any major do's and don'ts? or bad habits from guitar players?
i just did that. I bought a 5 string ibanez soundgear. It was tough at first but the trick is to just hit it. and learn to use your thumb to mute uneeded strings above. slap that ****.
www.studybass.com extremely helpful site.

And about tips: decide if you are going to use 2 or 3 fingers and do it from start. After quite some time i moved from 2 fingers to 3 finger technique - it was pain in butthole.
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Shoot, 3 finger tech?

It's really not essential, heck, if you can keep up with one finger then why even use two?

As for do's and don'ts, just make sure you keep your thumb on the back of the neck, as it means you have more control over where your fingers go, but you might alreasy know that from guitar idk.

Do you know what bass you want?
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In my opinion, the worst thing a guitar player can do is think the bass is a type of guitar.
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Treat it as a different instrument, which it is. Most of my guitarist friends pick up my bass think that because they play guitar it somehow makes them an intermediate bass player. No doubt experience with a guitar will help but as far as bassists go, you're at the bottom of the scrap pile.

Practice with a metronome and the study bass link provided is a good starting point.