Okay so I'm learning Master Of Puppets and I'm always having trouble with the riff right after the intro going 012 013 014 013 012 (I hope you know what I mean). All down stroking.

A few days ago, I got it perfectly and I was playing it. Just a couple days ago, I went to my friends house for a party and played on his guitar. We were playing MOP and I played that riff perfectly too.

Yesterday, I took a break from playing cause I was busy. Now today, when I tried playing it, I can't do it anymore and it's more worse than ever. I'm missing the E string and hitting the A? I did bad before but not this bad.

Did I just lose my skill of playing it? What happened? Please help!
just practice slowly and speed it up, thats how i did it!
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That happened to me too. Don't worry. just practice and build up your speed again.

I'm not sure how to explain what happened but it happens to everyone, even metallica. James said that it is important to warm up with slow songs and gradually build back your speed before you hit Master or else you will just get sloppy.
Your simply having an off-day. It happens to the best of us all.

Basically whats happened is you most likely picked up the guitar in a hurry, not warming up properly. Thats how this usually happens to me. Warming up is not so much about warming up your fingers as it is getting prepared mentally. Before warming up, take a second and just concentrate on what your going to do next - practice.

I do this before every practice session, just to get into the proper state of mind. It helps tremendously. Try it, I guarantee it work.
Whenever I play puppets the first time through that riff is a mess. By the second time through I'm up to speed and it comes out rather nice. So as these guys suggest you're just coming in too cold. You need to get warmed up first, play some other songs or practise some other techniques. Then blast out PUPPETS!!

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If you're really messed up you can replace the 1 with just a 0, barely sounds different.
Tell me who's that writin'...
why does it seem like every guitnoob tries to learn playing MoP

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Quote by glenthemann
why does it seem like every guitnoob tries to learn playing MoP

If that stopped happening, this universe would probably tear in half and we would cease to exist. We may never know the answer, but don't fight it!
Quote by glenthemann
why does it seem like every guitnoob tries to learn playing MoP

because they're beginners they start by playing their favorite songs, it doesn't matter how difficult the song/s may be, those are the ones they want to play. You should have been able to come up with that answer on your own.... or maybe actual answer the kids question.

Sir, to answer your question... "why do i suck again?" haha, i don't know... I'd have to hear you play in person to answer that, but why don't you try alternate picking instead of just down strokes? that seems like it would help you out.
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thats all i'm going to say

youve done it before, you CAN do it again. unless you lost both your hands, you wont lose the skill
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