Oh hey! I reciently purchased an ESP LTD F-2e electric guitar (been playing guitar for about 8 years). I love the guitar, but the pickups were meh. I have two other pickups I'd like to use that were on one of my other guitars - i loved the sound combination they got.

The neck pickup is a kent armstron ultra distortion OEM, and the bridge pickup is a bill lawrence 500XL.

I was wondering if anyone could help me wire both of these pickups into this guitar - my tone knob has a push/pull feature, which when pulled, enables the single coils on any pickups that are in there - the stock pickups used this feature, and I loved the different sounds I could get.

This guitar has a standard 3 way toggle switch - bridge, bridge and neck, neck selection. All I want to do, is toss in these new pickups and have the same features - I tried but [epic fail].

Any and all help would be awesome! thanks all.
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As long as the pick ups you are putting in, has 4 wires then you should be fine.
The Kent Armstrong is a little vague about that. The Bill Lawrence will, and its directions are pretty straight forward.
Make sure you solder the ground to the back of the volume pot and just run the wires to where the originals were. White wire to your toggle, green and red together to the same terminal on your tone pot, bare or black to ground on back of volume.
It looks like they are telling you to ground the empty terminal of your tone pot aswell.

What exactly have you done? maybe we can walk you through and fix the mistakes.
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alright well the bill lawerence pickup is not hooked up at all. thats next. the kent armstrong I have tried in a few different wirings but still can't get the coil to work properly. right now, the white wire is ground, the bare metal is ground, the black wire is hooked up to the 3-way selector swtich, and the green/red wires twiseted togeather and taped off to the side. This works perfectly for humbucker with no coil taping. no humming, perfect output.

What I don't understand is I can't seem to get the coil tapping to properly enable/disable. When I hook the two wires(red/green) up to the tone knob in the correct place, it instantly enables coil tapping, but I can't shut it off - pushing/pulling the tone knob does nothing.

If I have just the green or red wire hooked up to the tone knob(as well as not hooked up to anything, so red/green wires are seperate and not connected), the output is about 50db below what it should be lol.

I just don't know If I should be using that black wire for something else? Maybe what I'll do is play with the wires while they are unsoldered, and see what happens lol.
Alright, I'm fairly sure that my pickups are NOT soldered in the right places. I know the switch works fine, and its also soldered correctly - but i'm not sure about which wires from the pickup(s) go to which poles on the switch/tone knob.

basicly what I have is only one place on the swtich for each pickup(so two seperate poles to solder to). thats not that difficult, just need to know which color wire to put on there for both pickups.

The tone knob aslo only has one place per pickup(again, two seperate poles to solder to) for the COIL tapping to solder to.

my tone knob looks somewhat like this: http://www.guitar-mod.com/wiring/mid_scoop_big.jpg.
Hopefully we can get you part of the way to where you need to be.
1- the White wire goes to the switch.
2- the Black and bare wire are ground. solder them to the back of the volume pot.
3- solder the Green and Red wire together then solder to 1 of the lower tabs on the push pull pot( if you want to split both p/us then take the green and red from the other p/u and solder them to the other lower tab.
that should sort out where the wires belong. As for the rest of the items like capacitors and grounding out the left over tab I would suggest you get a copy of the wiring diagram for the original pick ups and follow it. If you haven't moved any of them then just leave them be.
Oh yeah I almost forgot. Make sure you have a ground wire running from your tone pot to the back of your volume pot.
Try this out and I will check back in around this time tomorrow. I don't know everything about wiring but hopefully this helps.
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