i just bought some ernie ball power slinky strings with intention of putting them on my strat and my jazzmaster - don't ask why, i just feel like trying it!

anyway, i plan on simply putting another spring in my strat trem to stabilize it a bit more with the heavier strings (it has 3 springs when i used 9-42s and currently has 4 springs now i'm using 10-46 gauge). with the jazzmaster however, it's a bit of a concern - i just read on this page:


some Japanese models seem to have springs that are too light to handle stronger strings. (.11s and up).

now mine is a CIJ model which i believe is from 2006, and i want to have the trem set up so the lock mechanism works correctly. is this possible or will i have to buy a stronger "vintage strength" spring from allparts?

i'm aware of all the other setup adjustments that may (and probably will) be required.
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