We are a local band here in Chula Vista, getting back up on our feet after a pretty long break. Our Main inspiration I think would be Circa Survive.

click the banner above for our myspace, or if your too lazy:

what do you think?
(we are also looking for a vocalist, so if your interested, give me a message )
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Glad you like the songs! My real recommendation for these would just be look in to some mixing techniques, the songs sound very well written but are a bit clustered with the volume levels and EQing. All in all tho great songs!
Yeah, we didn't mix it. We were around for it, just none of us know **** about pro tools. All I have done is listen and guess at everything in mixing for demos in audacity.

Our engineer went to college for recording and everything, but he used to work in LA before moving back midwest, so I think his style is more set for music other than ours. Basically, radio stuff when we are in to stuff like the fall of troy, minus the bear, circa, and the like.