Please, listen AND give feedback!

Okay so I finally have something original to share with you all. This song I put together today in about three hours or so using Garage Band. Everything you hear minus the drums was recorded by me. I do have a full version of this, but I absolutely hate the lyrics.

I'm psyched to hear some feedback, this is my first full song that I put together. All the rest were always just acoustic guitar and me singing. If you enjoy this, the full version will probably be up later on tonight.

If it sounds like something else, my apologies. Listening to it now, it does sound pretty un-original, but I guarantee I just wrote this today.

Where Was I? (Instrumental Demo)
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haha it's really nice. it gives off that blues-y vibe and makes you wanna move. i like it
My one friend told me it reminded him of Phish haha....I think it sounds more Dave Matthews-esque than Phishy =D. Not that I tried to sound like Dave, they're just my favorite band and it shows in my guitar playing.

I'm also trained in jazz playing, so that's where the funky chording comes from.
Hey that's really good, I enjoyed listening all the way through, it all goes together well - pretty chill! Nice vibes.
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very nice vibes, what recording stuff you use?
Everything was done with Garage Band and my MacBook. The drums were looped because I'm not that great at the drums, but everything else was recorded by me using my macbook's built in microphone, its a field mic.