Right, I have to say out of the list of these mics would go well for each instrument i list.

The Mics are:

AKG C1000
AKG C10005
AKG D130
Shure SM58
Shure PG57
Senhizer E845
Audio Tecnica KitPak
Audio Technica MB4000c
Rode NT1A


Drum Kit:
Bass Drum
Snare Drum
High Hat
Left Tom
Right Tom
Floor Tom
Overhead Left
Overhead Right

Acoustic guitar - 2 mics

So could someone list these instruments with the given mics please? This is to help with my music tech corse I have recently started for a- level. Thank you.

Also, why you have put the mics with what if you could?

Thanks in advance
My advice would be to search online for manuals/descriptions of the product and see what the company itself says of its own product.
The read reviews on Harmony Central and see what people are saying about them.