i love the first one! trippy as hell

and that third one looks like a pretty brootal axe

T.edit: i spy some coors lite! party
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The Jem is cool

it's an RG7 masquerading as a Jem. custom CNC'd body.
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are your thoughts always this deep? or did you eat your wheaties today??
It´s just that most people don´t come on here and just post their entire collection. You tend to get a lot of sarcasm when you do that.
Yes, it´s a very immature and very niche audience here. They bandwagon along with eachother and disapprove of outsiders 24/7. I don´t know why I bother with this site honestly... I think I just have nothing else to do during my move between continents...

Have fun with the community here hahah, I need to go to bed.

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