Learning and listening to his music. As far as the physical end and all the specs and stuff goes, that was from trying to fin differences between two nearly identical guitars. Five years of lessons probably also helped.

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For me, the single most helpful event in my years was..

I started to take lessons after trying to teach myself for several years.
After 3 lessons I learned the Pentatonic Major and Minor Scales.
That provided LEAPS AND BOUNDS of improvement in understanding/learning/playing.

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I just figured that if other people could do it i could too. I play better than a lot of people that took lessons as long as i'm self taught now. Listening to truly great bands made me want to be good and i just strived my ass off to do so.
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It was lessons for me. I got a teacher who really started to teach me theory and I became in the language we call music. I can't speak well, but I get the job done.

My motivation to keep playing through the years was/is Frusciante and Gilmour, Jack White and Morello, Paige, Townshend, among many others that don't come to mind. those 6 pretty much all feel and produce the sounds I love and want to follow in their footsteps, making my sounds the way I want them.
Guitar musically seemed natural to me as it is far from my only instrument. I just had to develop technique.
learnin all the notes and buying guitar 411 with doug doppler
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For me, I just had a strong passion to play.. Which led to me playing more and more, learning everything I possibly could. A real turning point in my playing came when I was 13 and decided to learn some songs off of Master of Puppets. That really set off my skills and ability to dominate the fret board.
I joined a band. That was the thing that made me really into music
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Hmm. Back To The Future made me want to pick up a guitar (Remember the scene where Marty plays "Johnny B Goode"?) And my best friend kept suggesting I should play guitar so I bought one in 2007. After I got my feet off the ground in 2008 I liked to play guitar and have kept playing since.
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I credit a large amount of my learning to youtube and this site. Also, just searching around google has helped me to understand things more about the instrument.
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I credit a large amount of my learning to youtube and this site. Also, just searching around google has helped me to understand things more about the instrument.


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i bought a guitar and i got lessons..they didnt help AT ALL..
so i started looking on the internet for lessons ..thats when i found this site which has helped me incredibly.
i started learning simple songs like blink 182 and green day..
once i felt comfortable i went on to harder and harder songs..
a lot of what i know is from UG and i can honestly say that if UG didnt exist i probably wouldnt be very good.. or wouldnt know how to play at all.
Learning scales and having ear training (learning how to recognise notes by hearing them).
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I learned all my playing from listening to music, and figuring out songs, and reading tabs to find out what notes sound good together.

I learned all my guitar knowledge from this site, and working at a music store.
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Listening to my favorite artists and trying my best to take a little from each and apply it. Youtube video lessons from Gilbert and Satch also helped me greatly. In terms of pickups, wood, and general physical aspects, just from knowledge off Google and personal experience.
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