Anyone has an archtop acoustic guitar? I've found some cheap ones on Ebay and seems like it may be worth getting just to play around with...
I don't own one, but I have played a few at guitar shops, and one that a friend owns. I loved playing them, because of their great tone, both plugged and unplugged. Personally most necks on those that I played sort of annoyed me, because they were extremely flat, and I love a good thin but rounded neck. Outside of the neck I loved it. The trick to tone on them, imho, is to use a thicker gauge strings...they just feel and sound so much better on archtops.

Anyway, they are a different animal from both solid-body electrics and acoustics, so you really sort of have to try one out before deciding.

Basically: If you have the money to spend on one just for the hell of it, go for it! They are fun and will bring you joy. Just realize that cheap ones on eBay will feel like cheap ones from eBay. And if you don't have the excess money to buy one just for the hell of it...then don't :P
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