Evening all.

Right, I'm in the market for some good quality effects, since I now have myself a great amp and a guitar I'm happy with.

I've decided to go with a multi-fx unit that I can just stick in the FX loop of my Legacy, due to not wanting to arse about with a ton of single pedals at the moment.

One thing that caught my attention in particular is this.
It seems that, for the price, the effects sound great and there is no colouration of your tone unless you tell it too. Plus there is no crappy built-in distortion taking up space, which is a massive plus to me.

Can anybody else recommend a similar unit around that sort of price range, or offer any comments on the G-Major?
I'm just focusing on the unit itself for now, I'll find a good MIDI floorstrip thing at a later date.

I've heard only good things about the G-major, but I've never played one.

It's less expensive, but did you look at the Boss ME-50? I've seen some youtube videos of people getting some awesome tones out of it.
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I say just get some quality single effects. You could easily get 5-6 really nice single effects for that price.

You wont have as much to fiddle with but it will sound 100 times better.
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I doubt that anyone is going to talk you out of the G-Major. I'd like to know how good the pitch-shifter is in it.
Quote by Ninja Penguin77
You wont have as much to fiddle with but it will sound 100 times better.

That is vary subjective, a quality rackmount multi effects system can compete with pedals. But they are two different things, and each is good for a reason the other might not be.