I've been playing about 5 months now and the joints on my left index finger are hurting when I press down on the string. It's not like excruciating pain or anything, but it hurts. Also, When I'm playing through the minor pentatonic scale, there is a pain on the inside of my left forearm when using my pinky to fret the low E string. Is this a problem with technique? Has anyone had similar pains? Or is this nothing to worry about, and just due to not using my left hand in that way before?
Side note, I'm a knuckle cracker. Does that have anything to do with it?
if you're feeling any pain it is most likely cause by way too much pressure, bad technique, or lack of stretching. the pain from the minor pentatonic is probably a mixture of bad technique and not stretching. cracking your knuckles isn't the best thing to do. i do it as well. part of the reason i have tendonitis and arthritis and i'm only 22
There's no (or should be no) normal pain when playing. I'd recommend going to someone experienced to check the way you play
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You have to develop flexibility in your fretting hand by stretching, which should be uncomfortable.
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Ive got pinky pain too :O ive had it before but it went away after a couple of days and now ive had it again for 4 days. it keeps reoccuring :S
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