So i got swimmers ear over the weekend. this **** is horrendous. i can barely hear, and everything just feels numb. im so out of it

anyone else deal(t)/ing with this? i've tried ear drop that are supposed to help it, but i think there is too much wax, so i tried the wax remover and then the other stuff again and i just give up. the water remover stings wayyyy too much, and i don't want to keep dumping wax remover in there.. guess im going to the doctors soon
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Athlete's foot, swimmer's ear... what next? Fat man's gut?

Seriously man, that sucks. I recommend going to see the doctor asap, as in tomorrow. Continuing to put more stuff in your ear will probably make it worse.
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I had swimmer's ear two years ago, and it was horrible. I couldn't hear out of my left ear, and I had juice pouring out of it, and then I ended up going to the emergency room. Doctors are probably your best choice in this situation.
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for the love of christ go to the doctor man. lol its an infection and if not dealt with will become unimaginable horror
Swimmer's ear? Try loosing a leg in Korea.

But seriously, swimmer's ear is an asshole.
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Happened on my birthday dude. It was the worst thing in the world, ruined it for sure. It feels amazing when i finally opens though.
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im going to the doctors as soon as my clinic paperwork is finished, i don't have health insurance and the last thing i need is a huge medical bill. every once iun a while it'll open up, but its typically just.. really ****ty.
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The Myth: Mesa amps were given to us by God, and sound as such.
The Truth: True. God is the CEO and Jesus does QC at Mesa...yup.

Yeah ive had it a million times before. Only mines wasn't numb.. it hurt like a son of a.
Ear Drops definitely help, just stay out of water until it heals!! =)
Btw, i looked up online that ear drops and eye drops are the same thing. o.O
I've never heard of this before, but doesn't sound to pleasant. Hope the doctor can clear things up for you soon!
I don't know what swimmers ear but do you think getting your ears irrigated at the doctor's might help? A friend of mine got his ears treated as such and he said it was jesus... though he had wax buildup and not swimmer's ear. Time to google!
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i had this 3 years ago. i had a double whammy, swimmer's ear and ear infection. i was 13 and i was crying because it was the worst pain ever. i couldn't sleep at night.