the photographs
all simple smiles and flash
cracking like your favourite record
you strike a familiar pose
in forgotten clothes

notice sea's blue disguise
and its sky
frozen white
tied together like bonnie and clyde
a pair of perfect liars
hide behind ghost typewriters

and all the girls spin and melt
like sunkissed carousels
but in the end
they all found good men
and you probably never knew how i felt
how could you ever tell?

it spins and spins
who knows how it will finish?
somehow i remember
how it all looked better
with beauty like baby teeth

i keep forgetting
like an endless fever i keep forgetting
she always told me but i didn't believe her
oh, my poor mother
i whisper sorry brother
how could i ever have known?
if you could see me now
wouldn't daddy be proud

and the air i can smell
tinged with nostalgia intangible
stuffed in a mouth so weary and full

it spins and spins
who knows how it'll finish?
it may look better
but polaroids like electric toys
won't last forever
it goes on and on
until its gone
i wish you would just hold me up again
i just wish you could hold me up again
tell me how it ends