i have my setup like this...

guitar--->peavey XXX--(effects send)--->pod xt live (just effects, no od/distortion, just flanger, phaser, chorus, etc)--(effects return)--->peavey XXX power amp section---->cab

i've tried messing around with it, the main problem is that when i run it, you can either barely tell it's effecting, OR there's a pretty serious drop in volume, is that just normal and should try tweaking the send and return levels? or am i doing something else wrong?

also, one more thing, a noise gate and wah would go in front of the amp like this right?

guitar-->noise gate-->wah---> amp

and which should come first wah or noise gate?

thanks for all the help!
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Not an expert on the XXX or the Pod XT but I would guess you need to mess with the levels.

I've run a lower end MFX pedal thru a lower end Peavey amp before and it sounded 'fine'.

Wah's are almost always up front and Noise gates can go in either place.

If you think your noise if from guitar then put it up front. If you think your noise if from a pedal/amp then put it in the loop. Or both. (may also just be a pickup/grounding problem with guitar OR a preamp tube/power tube problem with amp)

Your XT should have a noise gate function so try that first.

On noise - You may also be experiencing some preamp tube issues/dying so check those out too. If you don't know how...post back here.

I have a Peavey XXX head so my response is based on experience with that model. There is an effects send AND return level adjustment knobs on the back. Make sure they aren't turned off. Straight up is a good place to start. Also make sure the send goes to the IN side of the effect. Are you sure you can use that PODin the effects loop? I thought it only accepted instrument level signals and not line level as put out by the effects send jack

Edit: you should be aware a XXX has a built in noise gate.
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