Hey, I have an ESP LTD mh-401 guitar equipped with a floyd rose special. I've noticed that whenever I retune and get it all set up, start to play and use the whammy bar, my strings start to go flat. They don't go violently flat, except my high E string which can sometimes go down to Eb.

The strings are over a month old, so they arent stretching really. And theyre elixirs so they still look and feel pretty fresh. I tightened the nut pretty well so that if I push down on the string after the nut, the tuning doesnt change. And I feel as if I have the locking clamp at the bridge pretty tight. I've turned it pretty much so that it wont proceed to turn very much.

The only other thing i can think of is something is alittle weird with the bridge itself. The guitar is only 2monthish old, so idno if it would need to be lubricated? I wouldnt know how to do all of that either..
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if my strings are a month old then i feel like i need to replace them. when strings get old (and i consider a month old) they start to stretch out. even on my real floyd rose they go flat after a while. if you have a 401 series then its prob a liscensed tremolo so some of the components might not be the best (springs ect...). if its a consistent problem then take it to a guitar tech and have him look at it
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It could be the strings, it could be needing lube, it could be that the bridge is slightly not parallel.
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lube the knife edges. and read this... (read ALL of it!)


and put particular focus on the last paragraph. the one that starts with "Note - 100% trem float would mean it ..."
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My guess would be worn knife edges or wrong spring tension. Probably not the springs but the springs went bad in a very cheap floyd my buddy had in his guitar a new set fixed it.
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