Hey guys, please check out my band. We're a pop-punk band from Baltimore, MD with influences of A Day To Remember, Blink-182, New Found Glory, Four Year Strong and Taking Back Sunday

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Sounds really good, I like it. Blink is my favorite band, by far.

How did you guys record?
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hey man. i'm impressed. another band on here and you guys should share shows. they sound more like NFG while you guys sound closer to blink, but with vocals closer to some of the newer generation of bands (panic!, etc). anyway, i don't have any crits because the recordings are really clean and studio quality, but i would like to hear some live takes. those are much easier to critique.

anyway.. check my band out too if you would https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1154639

The vocals definitely stick out to me. they are pretty much perfect. very talented vocalist. overall pretty high quality recording. did you guys do the recording yourselves? and if so what kind of gear were ya using?

EDIT: oh and I Know is definitely my favorite. you guys should do some more soft stuff its great
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Hey, if it isn't the "Band with an ugly lead singer"...

Sounds like it's a good job you kept him, he has a brilliant voice. His cleans are better than his screaming IMO (if the screaming is even him), but since the screaming is used in moderation it works pretty well.
I really like your sound. Really reminds me of more poppy ADTR.

Track by track:

Breathe Easy
Riff at the start is a bit generic, but I really liked the drum roll, and when the band kicked in it reminded me of "Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die" by Four Year Strong, which is definitely a good thing. Vocals are perfect, love the chorus, good recording....very strong track. Not a big fan of the "Woah oh" bit in the middle....reminded me of DragonForce a bit.

I Know
Love the solo at the start, once again the vocals are excellent. Very relaxing song, good lyrics... Soft songs with big drums and all can often come off a bit cheesey and "rock ballad"-esque, but you definitely pulled this off. A good idea well executed.

Chapter 3
Took a while to get going, but the guitar melody was very catchy. Vocals sound different on this one...not sure why. Still good though. Besides the chorus vocal and guitar melodies, this one doesn't stand out so much, but it's still strong. Also liked the group vocals and the filtered drum and vocal break before the second chorus. Broke the song up well whilst still flowing well.

Would love to hear more from you guys, and to hear you live would also be cool.
I'm in a band with a similar sound, but we haven't finished recording yet. I'll be sure to let you know when we have something done.
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