So today i toured Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Anyone else from the pit go there? What's the music scene like on campus and in the area? Is it a good school?
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I don't go there, but I have chilled there countless times. And I can't stress this enough, GO TO THE GREASETRUCKS.
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Does NJ have music?
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Just letting you know.... 1 out of 4 kids who go there have an std. And they have their own Hybrid strain of Chlamydia that formed at the campus called "The Rut". They taught us that in health class in highschool ahahha. Look it up its legit
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My dad went there.
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My mom went there, and I've had lacrosse tournaments there. The dorms weren't that bad, but I didn't see much of the main campus. I'll ask my mom how the music scene was. But then again, that was the 70's so everyone had acoustic guitars and was high 24/7.
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