Hey there,
I'm going to be starting a band here soon. I'm typically a music theory, acoustic, chord based guy. In my band Im going to be changing to a lead guitarist. I'm not really a shredder (I can be sometimes, but need to work on it), I need to work on my speed, and just playing that style. What can I do ease this switch and prove myself at lead guitar? What can I do? thanks for your help!
my best advice is **** speed. dont worry about playing faster than the next guy. just concentrate on solos that catch the ear and sound good.

but im not a flashy guitar player, i know my chords and song structures, how can i kinda let that go and just start jamming?
Anyone haha.

Me and my singer have a few mp3s on my page. Pretty bad. But that is an example of my bad lead guitar. Any advice?