1. If I Were a Bell
2. 'Round Midnight
3. How Deep Is the Ocean?
4. Stella by Starlight
5. I Can't Get Started
6. Blues for the Hague

Most of you guys have probable heard of Joe Pass, not as many have heard of Niels-Henning Orsted Pederson (often affectionally shortened to NHOP.) NHOP is the best bass player I have ever heard, bar none. I can't even name someone that is in the same league as him.

Joe Pass and NHOP teamed up for the excellent album Chops, then did a few gigs in Holland in 1979, these shows providing the material for Northsea Nights. Chops is an excellent album, no doubt. Northsea Nights is astounding. Both players took more risks in their playing in a live setting and the crowd eats it up and keeps pushing them. This is two virtuosos at the top of their game.

I like to throw around a link to them playing Donna Lee a lot on these forums:
Notice how this make the cut for the album. I disagree with that decision, but it is an indication as to how amazingly good this album is.

Hope you all enjoy
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i checked out the albumm chops (DIDN'T see this album anywhere) and it was ace. asyou would expect. specially liked come rain or come shine
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