So.....I got this deal from a friend about 6 months ago for $160:

A crate amp (30 Watt)
A hardshell case
a guitar stand
a few chords
a tuner
a bunch of random stuff

AND what I narrowed down to being the Platinum Series BC Rich Virgin.
it looks sorta like this http://jcguitars.com/floyd.htm

the ones they make now are way different and have a totally different headstock. mine has a reverse headstock like above. now they look like this: http://www.hudobne-nastroje.sk/product/images/BC%20VIRGIN%20VG%201.jpg

EXCEPT:mine is Red, no fret inlays just white dots, it has a black fretboard (I dont know what wood), and different humbuckers, and the knows are WAY different. just a volume, a tone and one pickup switch (here is a bad picture of my actual guitar http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Smith22/pictures/personal/646746/ )

It DOES: say platinum series on the headstock, have the floyd rose, and same hardware

So can anyone tell me the history of the guitar???? I cant find anything on it except that 1st picture. I'm lost.

If you need any more info Ill be here to respond, but the basic info I would like to know is (any info at all is welcome though):
original price:
Original hardware/colors/fretboard/knobs,switches:
if i got a total steal for 160 for it :
and any other info!

please help! thanks!
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oops! its platinum not premium-please replace every premium with platinum haha
yeah but i thought i used premium like 20 times, oh well, i changed it. i only used it 3 times
for $160, all that stuff + a guitar sounds likw a good deal to me.

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yeah i know it was a good deal, im jsut trying to figure out any info i can on this guitar as i have no idea.
actually now im not even sure if it is platinum series (not at home but will let you know once i see what it says on the headstock)

Ive heard that it could be
NJ series
platinum series
platinum pro series

i have no idea

what are the current ones? because they do NOT have a reverse headstock or a floyd rose and mine does
has a floyd rose ORIGINAL by the way...does anyone know the history behind that that mind go into helping me with my guitar?
does anyone at lease know anything about platinum/platinum pro/ or NJ series guitars in general?
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