Okay, so i'm wondering if it's good to practice electric guitar songs on an acoustic..

ive always thought playing on acoustic was much harder and takes more effort compared to the electric, so i thought it would be much easier to learn them on the acoustic and then make the smooth transition.. but on the other hand, there are things like hitting notes on the acoustic that normally wouldn't be heard unless with distortion on the electric.. so i dunno...

i say that its a good idea cuz then you could learn acoustic songs while youre at it and be able to improve your skills on both acoustic and electric

and the thing about acoustic being harder to play than an electric is true ... to an extent

acoustic requires you to pick most of the notes instead of hammering on and pulling off all the time, so you can make everything sound clearer on an electric

but thats my opinion
I practice on acoustic all the time and I'll tell you this, if you play electric songs on acoustic, you will hit pretty much every note flawlessly when you transfer over as long as the neck sizes are close enough. Plus it really helps your barchord strength and finger strength. Just make sure you know how the song sounds when played on electric so you can vary how you play it to hit those notes that don't sound quite right on acoustic.
Oh, it's fine. I play electric songs on my acoustic guitar a lot. In fact, most of the stuff I play when I practice on my acoustic are originally electric.