from what i heard the guitars are too loud, vocals and drums aren't loud enough.
Sounds like you used a cheap mic for the guitars. Or went direct without some good amp modellers. I'm guessing cheap mic, because both the drums and the guitars sound a little thin. If you don't already have them, I'd recommend a Shure SM57 for all your amp speakers, and a pair of Electro-Voice PL37 condenser mics for the drum kit. I'd probably use the SM57 on the bass drum too, if you have the ability to record one instrument at a time.

Those aren't the best mics in the world, and they don't have a cool colour to them like others do. But they're inexpensive, and they pick up all sorts of stuff. The PL37s are also great for vocals and acoustic instruments, and I like to use one on my amp 6-12 feet away, in addition to the SM57, instead of using reverb.

Get those guys and a USB mixer, and you'll have the cheapest setup that records everything well. Unless you guys become very vocal-centric or start rolling in cash, you'll never need to upgrade your setup - and this is coming from a guy that sells recording equipment!
we used garage band..
not sure how my friend recorded the drums cause i wasnt there :P
but i think he just played his electric drum set in front of his Mac which obviously has a cheap mic.
and i just recorded the guitars by plugging in directly to the comp..but i was using a pedal.
the rest we just did on the computer with garage band.

so..wow! thanx a lot im gonna look into this.
it reminded me of zeppelin/greenday. i thought it was gonna be worse then it was. not bad at all. i couldent hear the vocals though, they need to be turned way UP. otherwise the mix sounds decent. it sounds like you used cheap kinda mics. a cool song. i liked the mix up with the shaker. nice job. keep it up man, you guys have potential.

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