How do I tell my barber what I want? Usually I just say trim but then recently I see all my friends going around with new hairstyles while I have retained the same one for almost 4 years.

Ps,.. I have no idea what dreadlocks, layered cut or any other 'hair' terms are,.. so urmm help?
Just like Clint Eastwood does in Grand Torino.

Here you go:

Everything you need to know.
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how bout showing a picture?
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Maybe show him a picture from a magazine?
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Just like Clint Eastwood does in Grand Torino.

+ ****ing 1.

"what are you half jew or something?"

"just like the greasy, italian, daygo that you are"

i love that movie.

honorable mention:


"boy do mi uss hut from aw guys at my contruction jop"
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Show him a picture of Martha Stewart and he'll know what to do.
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Bring in a picture of what you want. That way even if the guy/girl doesn't speak english you can get the right haircut
I have no idea. My girlfriend is a hairstylist so she just cuts mine. I suggest that.
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have u been in a cave for an extended period of time?

urmm well I havn't got a new hair style in 4 years so urmm pretty much YES!!
Well i colour in my hair every 4 months or so. You have to know what you want. That way your hairstylist doesn't go "oh i saw this hairsyle in a magazine, i think it'd suit you well." Yeh i've been tricked into that one before.

Seriously though, think of what you want, and if it would suit you. I've got part of my fringe red, a blonde patch in the back and the rest black. I don't consider myself emo so don't bother. But seriously it suits me well, so you gotta think of how much you wanna stand out if you make a drastic change.

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