Of course, I, like everyone else, come to the pit about my problems..
I recently graduated, and my parents agreed that for a graduation/birthday present i'll get a laptop for university in september.
I'll use the laptop for school mostly, and just for general stuff. But, i'm also looking to use it for recording. Not a whole band, just myself, guitar, vocals, keyboards, ect.
Now, heres the dilemma.
The two main laptops ive looked at, are the Macbook, and a nice HP laptop.
The HP is an all-around better laptop, 4GB of ram, 250 hard drive, (The mac has 2GB ram and 160 hard drive) also, the Mac is 400$ more.
the HP is 699$, the Mac is 1099$. Now, while im not paying for it myself, my parents are, and i don't want them to have to spend a lot.
The only reason i would go with the mac, is for its music software. I've used garageband on a mac before, and its really good and extremely easy to use. Now, on an PC, there are so many different music softwares, but i've heard pro tools is the best, but isn't better than garage band and is very hard to use.
So, should i spend the extra money on the mac for this software, or will it be not good enough for school use? (Im going for science)
Should i go with the HP and figure out something else to use for music, because its better for school?

HP or Mac? want mac for music, but hp is cheaper and better.
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I think the Mac would do fine as a school laptop...you could always buy Office software for it.


I'm a windows guy, but I was just suggesting that since you were more familiar with the Mac, you should go for it :P

Then again, there are a lot more media recording programs for Windows machines, and you have the extra power. But it's up to you.
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I'd take the HP. You can find plenty of freeware for music and school related things.
If not, you can spend less on HP + software than the Mac alone.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1525, with 2GB ram and a 250GB hard drive, and I use audacity which is just freeware. My recordings sound pretty decent, not bad for using one rockband micropone, and audacity is really easy to use. I guess it's all up to whatever you want more, but if the only reason you would get the mac is because of garageband... just get the HP.

Hope I helped!
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if you're okay with obtaining software the illegal way, you should most definitely get the PC and find a music software you're comfortable with.
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Theres nothing wrong with macs, but for 4GB ram and 250GB hard drive, go HP

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So I own an HP and I love it. However, I know for a fact that Macs are pretty reliable.

But if you want my opinion go with the HP even though Vista sucks.
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Get the HP.

Macs are terrible.

Uh no. Macs are awesome for multimedia. Stuff like web design or photoshop things are pretty good. I use CS4 on my macbook (4gb ram, 120hd) but if you want to do audio software or big pictures your best bet is to get a 19" or 20" screen to put next to it.

If you want to play games in your free time i think a pc would be better. Sure macs can play games but they'll struggle on games that demand more omph. I think macs come standard with 256mb graphics card..
Ive been doing some serious research on laptops recently as I'm getting one soon. BIG ADVICE: go to a store and try them out, multiple laptops I liked online looked different in person and some touchpads were absolutly dreadful.

On a better note, if you are having trouble dishing out the cash for a mac, the HP's are great, but also go to the toshiba website, under Satelite look at the M500, A500, U500 etc, brand new affordable laptops. I'm probably getting the A500, looked stunning in person and has 4gb memory, 350 hard drive, 2.16gh, webcam etc for $699

edit: named off specs and price off the top of my head, close enough.


edit2: Best Buy has them for cheaper actually, but this laptop looks so incredible in person, I was amazed.
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