I was feeding a baby a bottle that was empty,
and besides, the baby was too old,
It was a toddler now, fully grown,
and he eats solid brocolli
and spews out toxic diarrhoea.
I cringe when he does the latter.

I smile when he plays along
with the cats and our neighbors cats
and my old friend's cats
and men and women's cats,
but I frown
when he keeps company with street cats.

I laugh when he laughs
and he laughs in turn (so do I)
until we've started (I swear)
the most energy-efficient
method of power,
if only we could harness it.

I am sad
when he is sad,
when he comes home
scratched and bruised,
and emotionally scarred.

I rushed to the scene on the day
he almost was run over by a car.
They brought him on a stretcher
where he said to me years later,
that, "everyone wore white"
and I was relieved that he was alright.

Now that I am an old man
who pisses diagonally
he just stands stationary,
and feeds me a bottle of milk
that's empty,
the way I like it.

I've always hated milk.
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Simply brilliant. Loved this
The piece flows very well and there is a lot of powerful imagery.

The only part that doesn't flow that well, to me, is:
that, "everyone wore white"
and I was relieved that he was alright.

Maybe change it to "oh, the relief I felt that night" ?

Great piece though