Hi OK so i have a drummer and a couple of rhythm guitarist but the problem is that one rhythm guitarist is just starting to learn and im teaching him and the other is like strictly a metallica player which i don't have to much a problem with expect we cant all just play metallica so really i guess i am saying that i need a bassist and rhythm guitarist that can play metal has 1 and a half years of experience or more and can send me contact info and a video or audition like thing but their are like 3 requirements

1) can learn songs easily so when we decide what to play it will be a fast thing that we can learn and gig with

2) have some sort of equipment suitable for playing in front of a crowd of 15-200 at most i would guess

3) not be to picky and have flexibility for ideas and you would get a say in what songs we learn and work on or ideas

4) has to be 16 or older only as old as 25 at most

5) has to live in NY around Ithaca or Groton or Moravia or Locke or Cortland those are the towns i can easily accept unless your willing to drive for practices

6) has to be really committed the people that are in the band are taking this serious and love music more than anything
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I'm in between 16 and 25 and live in Ithaca or Groton or Moravia or Locke or Cortland! I play bass and rhythm guitar and am really committed. can i be in your band?

Unfortunately, I only have gear that is suitable for playing to a crowd of 14 and 201 respectively. =(

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