Alright, so after getting ahold of my new EC 1000, ive concluded that i have to sell my old Deal ML. Not because i dont like the guitar, but because compared to the comfort level of the EC 1000, it feels like a baseball bat and i am attributing that to my hand problems and some of my playing problems.

SO, selling the dean gets me about 600 dollars, i am looking for a flying V guitar, used or new. I play most styles of rock/metal/ and blues. What im mostly looking for is a mahogany body, neck thru design. HOWEVER, i am looking for a thinner neck profile, like a U.

I have played a Hamer V at the music store today that was $469 dollars, basically a gibby copy, but felt pretty good in my hands. Pickups were duncan designed, flame top, pretty nice looking actually.

The only other V i have been considering is the Shecter hellraiser with the original floyd rose and EMGs.

BTW, id prefer it to be avaible in white.

Thanks guys.
Yep rhoads models have thin neck, and come in white. Plus they are extremely comfortable to play standing or sitting.
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well you may realize that a flyod rose isnt fun at all. it looks great and its fun at first but its a pain in the butt to tune and you can be palm muting and alofasudden your playing a bit too high, keep that in mind if you decide you want one. thats my experience anyway, you can get alot more bang for you buck if you dont get the rose
Yea, ive been looking at the jacksons, but i think i want something with a little more meat to it.

I guess im leaning more torwards a classic Gibson looking style V, nothing to radical however, even though i am ommiting Gibsons/epiphones altogether(Not a fan.)
alright im not a fan of gibbys either haha.
jacksons do make quite the v if you want one of them.

maybe since you like your esp with the u shaped neck id suggest a esp v?

I have the Reaper (I think it comes in white) and it's pretty much been problem free in the year I've had it. The new Hornets look really sexy too.
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a nice used rhodes offset v. possibly a schecter atx blackjack v, comes with SD BO actives
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alexi from children of bodom's esp(i think?) model is pretty sharp

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Out of curiosity, which ML do you own? Fetching $600 used has me interested into what it is
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