If I can make it through tonight
then I can make it through tomorrow
and if I can do that
then I'll build myself a time machine after work
and go back to before I ripped apart the only chance I ever wanted.
I'll tell Mr. Webster to find a word for you,
because beautiful just doesn't do justice.
I'll pick you up and whisper sweet nothings in your ear,
instead of all those things I muttered to cut you down.
All those times I spent drinking, pondering the future of me and you,
I'll spend wrapping my arms around that delicate frame.
Oh if only I could build that God damn time machine.

Your better off without me
but I can't handle it like the man I pretended to be.
I'm just a baby,
a newborn infant without a mothers breast
drinking goat milk through a sippy cup,
spreading my arms out as wide as i can to tell you
"I love you thiiiiiis much"

My friends tell me I'm holding myself back,
My teachers say I have potential,
and I know their right.
But I just can't bring myself to ask you,
what the hell did I do wrong?