So i'm not sure if this is in the right forum, but I was wondering if you pit monkeys could help me with a few things.
First off, I am wondering what are some necessary things for a band to do before their first show. My band and I are looking to play a show in the near future (late July or August) and we're trying to figure out what all we're going to need to accomplish before we go balls to the wall on finding a gig. We have 6 songs done already, so we should be solid for an opening slot. So here's what we have so far
-Demo CD
-Single for venues to listen to (this or demo will be sent in)
-High resolution band photo
-Band logo
-Band banner (made for at shows)
- Basic flyer outline for shows

Anything else you could help with would be great.

My second question is this; I am the lead singer, so I want to know a few things that you all have seen live, in either local shows or well known bands, that you really liked or didn't like.
I've been working alot on my stage presence, so I don't think that will be a problem, but I know that alot of you hate the standard "what's up (city)? How are you doing tonight?!" you're not liable to get a very deep response from the crowd.
So all in all I would like some help from you fellow concert goers on what you like and don't like from a band in a live setting.
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Before going on stage, I fap to calm my nerves.

Icing happen when de puck come down, BANG, you know,
before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
My arm go comme ça, den de game stop den start up.

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to answer number 1...the only nessassary things that i needed for my first show was me and my equipment. one tip is to always have extra cords and strings ready just incase. (even a guitar if possible)
to answer the second...i HATE when singers do not have mic control. when you get louder, back away from the mic.
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You could put a big-ass gong behind the drummer for focusing energy.

This. One thousand times, this.
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Before going on stage, I smoke a cigarette to calm my nerves.

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Before going on stage, I fap to calm my nerves.

Lol double win
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Best dirty pick-up line...
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I wish you were my homework so I could slam you on my desk and do you all night long
I know that one of my ooooold band mates used to have sex with his girlfriend (or a wank) then a shower before we head to the venue. He says it keeps him alert and helps to take the edge off the pre-show stress.

I always down 1 shot of rum, followed by a Malibu and Coke. It helps me get a little dazed. That way I forget how embrassassing it'd be if I mess up on stage.
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I always just have my iPod on me and blast my favorite artist at the time into my ears while waiting to load in/play.
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i just jam before i go onstage, that way my fingers are moving, and i'm continuing an already existing energy
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I saw a band who was playing their first show.

No one came up so the singer said something like "It's our first show, there's no way you know how bad we suck yet. Come one get up here and find out"

I got a laugh out of it.
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just pull a drgonforce...get completely fked to the stage where u dont no whether ur fingering notes on the guitar or your mother
Dragonforce are so awsome live
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Be charming with the crowd, don't plan anything, just play off the mood. And if you bomb at that, just stop and play a song. When worst comes to worst, good music will win over a crowd.
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I don't really do anything before a show as far as calming myself down, I've never had an issue with it. I usually just help the other band guys set their stuff up so we can play faster.
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You know, the usual stuff to help me calm down...
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Crush your enemies. Destroy and pillage through towns. Rape women. Start fires.

You know, the usual stuff to help me calm down...

thats br00tul
for the first question, the flyer thing is quite good. giving the flyer to the audience could also promote your band. oh yeah, the demo CD also a good plan.

for the second question, i think you just anything that helping you to calm down your nerve. everyone have the same phobia as you, "the crowd".
make sure all the band members are one the same page as to what you'll be doing. also if you mess up dont panic just keep plowin through it
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"The sun is a cube, not a sphere."


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"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."

"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."

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Since you're the singer, work on some conversations between songs. Just something to get the crowd into your show. DO NOT skip the sound check. Otherwise everything might be so out of balance that it's ridiculous...If you're old enough take a shot or two before the show to keep yourself calm. When you're talking on stage make sure not to string all your words together so the audience can understand what you're saying. Make sure to mention your band name and web site a few times through the show. Flyers are good. Have the time, date, and venue on it along with maybe a band photo and your web site/myspace/whatever you're using. Try to get to know the sound guy....some of them will try to do a better job if you're friendly with them...buy him/her a drink or give him a copy of your CD or something. And don't be shy...tell him if you don't like the way something sounds. And try to promote the show in every way possible: flyers, newspapers, blogs, myspace, word of mouth....anything that's open to you.