so my girlfriend was visiting at her moms house and she wanted to come home. so me and my friend drove about 2 hours to go spend the day with her and if all went as planned bring her back home with us.(she said that her dad said it would be fine) but there was still no clear so me and my friend decided worst comes to worst at least i can see her for a few minutes. when we got there my girlfriend said we need to go my mom is sayin she is gonna hit me so me and my friend told her to hop in and as we hit the road i had her call her dad to tell him that we are taking her home and he said that was fine. but then I got a call from her mother saying she was gonna call the police on us. Can I get in trouble since her dad said it was fine, her mom said she was gonna hit her, and since she was willing to go?
too hard to tell, man. either way, someone will be mad at you, it just depends on how much influence that person has.
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i dunno. how the **** are you writing this if you are driving right now?
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I don't think you can get in trouble for that. You did have the consent of one legal guardian, so it's all good.
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I'm pretty sure if her dad said it was fine and if the mom was going to hit her you probably won't get in any trouble.
I see no way that you can get in trouble here unless are 30 and she is 15
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