Hey everyone,

Well the title says it all... I NEED HELP WITH BARRE CHORDS
I'm an 11 year old boy and ive been playing guitar for 4 years now. I want to make this short so no one will skip it. I can get my finger over the strings and form a chord. E.g For a Bm chord, I can form the shape but the sound just mumble. Is there a short cut. Im trying to learn a song called Saving Grace by Pete Murray.

Thanks, guitars4jacob
all i can say is to practice
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just practice by putting your fingers right(using any barre chord) and picking each string until each string vibrates without any buzz.
Make sure you're pressing down on the strings enough, and that your fingers aren't accidentally muting any neighbourning strings. Your index finger may hurt slightly after doing barre chords for a while, but that will stop in a bit. Just keep practicing really.
It took me a while to get barre chords down. It really is just practice. I would just learn a progression with a barre chord in it and play it every now and again just taking the time to finger the chord correctly however long it took. Eventually it just became second nature. I doubt very much that there is a short-cut.
there are no shortcuts (at least if you dont sell your soul to lucifer hehe).
so i`d say,focus on the particular stuff you`re having trouble with,
and practice it non-stop,until you`ll get it down.
Just practice. Make sure you are keeping your finger straight, as close to the fre as possible. Rolling it a bit on the side might help pressing the strings down. Just remember it's not about the amount of pressure but how you position your finger.
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Barre chords are a pig when you start doing them - and I think that applies to everyone. Stick your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck and experiment with your barring finger at different angles - then its just practice to get them clean. As 7even said, its about finding the right position rather than putting loads of pressure on.
Thanks VERY much everyone for writing. I am getting a sound now but I will keep on practicing every minute.