I came up with this riff on trombone, been workin on it yesterday and today. It was really hard to get everything sounding good in one take. song is called a kingdom in the trees. link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsCsKbi53nA
like my second time writing a trombone part. let me know what you think. leave a link ill critique yours.
First of all, I love your hair.

The title of your song really suits the riff you wrote. I can definitely hear this smack dab in the middle of a ska song. It sounded like you were off every now and then, but it didn't seem too considerable. I might pick up the tempo a little more and make it seem more lively. However, maybe putting it with other instruments would do that for you. Very nice.

Crit mine?
The Pit. The Movie.
I get what you mean by hard to do in one take, I play Euphonium in my band and sometimes it just sounds bad and is really hard to hit the right note on.

Pretty good, sound a lot like something in a 90's ska song.

Not often you find Trombone stuff on here, right on man.

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I liked it
That must have taken a lot of energy to do all together.
I don't know anything about ska but i think with some reverb, delay this was make a REALLY cool track.
Sounds kinda jazzy actually.

Do you mind if i use a tiny portion of it for something of mine?

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i do mind if you use a tiny portion of it, you do not have permission. thanks for the crit, ill write back on yours.