Hey everyone just wanted to know when its time to lower the action on my guitar. I got it a couple of months ago now, and I've been making good progress but I'm still finding it near impossible to get a clean sounding barre chord. I've been trying for ages so I'm pretty sure that at this point it has to be something other than me. On that note as well. I'm having difficult learning Stop this Train by John Mayer. Tapping and strumming a single string at the same time is proving quite difficult especially because my D string doesn't actually make the sound because it isn't hitting the board the same way the low E does. If anyone has any tips for that it would be nice.
You're making the same mistake so many new guitarists make. You are trying too hard and are trying to learn too advanced of music too soon. Slow it down and back up a bit. A few months is nothing when it comes to being successful at guitaring. Barre chords are difficult and will take quite some time to master, certainly more than a few months. As for advanced techniques like tapping, percussive guitaring and such, hold off on that until you get well versed with the basics and have a solid foundation to build on.