This means nothing.

The kid made up a song that went
"we are the gluesniffers of University Square!"
rain on cobblestone.
plastic bag.

A black hole emits a perfect Bb,
while every junky hits the train
and every accountant
cooks his books in the vein.

Walked around Tiananmen Square
briefly saw Chairman Mao's body
Cat was there
and it was raining.

Christmas lights in Tehran.
Three drinks in a row when setting up Jon.

Can I get another drink please my fingers fall off.
Every time you make the sink in your prim pop red dress,
and it helps me relax.
Tickets to a burning this evening,
should be fetching.
Soon the sun should arrive,
burning with USA Treason.
The old men on the porch
will not wave back this evening.
Three out of six entertainers
recommend liposuction and dipping cigarettes in embalming fluid first.

Could I hit that quick my great grandfather was Shackleton.
'Massacre At McDonalds!' in the headlines
(like a person in a room begging for more).

..so, um, anyways, basically, here it is:
should I call you or just rosy posey?
Last edited by parkt921k at Jul 1, 2009,
At first when I read your lyrics I didn't know what to think about them because It definitely is not my style or what I like, but I re-read them again, and there is definitely something there. You have set a mood (it seems like a dark mood) with your lyrics, and you seem to be going in a certain direction with it and that is good. But it seems like go off in a different direction with your lyrics than where you started.

All in all, I think it is a good effort, but just stay on track more with what you started and this song could be really good.