Hey boys and girls, I have 2 songs that need some critiquing, I wrote them for a friend's band but after polishing each one I'm thinking that I should just keep some of the riffs/ideas for later songs for my band.

Anyways, here ya go, c4c (msg me if I don't seem to be on the boards).

Riffs/ideas that I want to keep from each song:

song1 = pretty much the whole thing, especially the outro riff, the bridge (bar 41)
song2 = lead at bar 5 (rhythm riff as well), interlude (bar 62) till the end of the song.

TURN OFF RSE!!! this song was written in non-RSE mode

"Our revenge so everlasting sweet,
Enslave your Children, Behead the weak,
Kill every last Man, Woman and Machine
The cleansing has begun.
Your meek defense is foolish,
we come from the stars a trillion strong."
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I'm listening to song one right now. I'm fairly impressed. It has an element of simplicity yet it's quite exciting. I really enjoy the leadwork, reminds me of techdeath like necrophagist. It has an egyptian scale-like feel to it, that's for sure. Your bassist must be pretty ballsy. I definitely dig it, for sure, would love to hear it live.

Song two. The intro seems really anthemic. The leadwork is really cool, I defintely really dig that. The verse is cool, and bridge is awesome too. The post chorus is definitely my favorite part so far. You take way more risks when writing in a drop tuning than I do, that's for sure. It's pretty awesome. That bridge before the interlude is goddamn epic, man. Oh man.. that solo is sick as hell. If you wrote more to the solo, that would be the ONE time where I'd warrant a fade-out, because normally, I hate them. But that would work.

Alright, I almost don't want to tell you to check out my stuff, but under my blogs, check SONGS C4C. Feel free to check them out and crit them. But the one called The Weathering, I posted a new version with a not-crappy solo, so check that one out. But I think the one that would appeal most to you is The Hydra.
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I'll do song 1.
I feel that the drums need some more power in the intro, and it gets a bit repetive.
I liked the little bass interlude.
The lead in the chorus is pretty good.
The bridge sounds cool.
The break down was pretty good.
And then it kinda gets better and better.
I at least feel that the song got better throughout.
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