I might be buying a boss ME-50 from ebay from the US (I'm in australia) and was wondering.. because US adaptors are diff from AUS ones.... would i be able to buy an australian adaptor and it would work fine? or would there be some frequencies issue.. i dunno I'm not good with overseas things. Thanks.
Yeah it should be fine, its just a 9 volt adapter i assume.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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yes, the boss uses a standard 9v effects style input, just get one with whatever fits your sockets on the other size
itll be fine. i was thinking about doing that a while back (and started a thread on it - you should use the searchbar).

internationally the pedals are the same, just get an aus adapter, or just use batteries

and are you sure you want the me-50? id say the line 6 xt live beats it hands down - but then again, im not a big fan of multi fx

edit: oh yeah, do NOT use a foreign plug adaptery thingy
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haha sorry I'm not even getting this
decided I'm getting the big muff pi with tone wicker
i don't really find the need for all the effects.. thanks though because I'm buying my stuff from the US so this info helps.