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I got my first guitar last week (electric) and ive never played before so im not expecting to be amazing anytime soon.

My question is how do i stop the buzz from when i leave a chord to form the next one?

I can play ACDEG chords without any buzz from not pressing on hard enough or touching open string but when i take my fingers off one to move to the next chord it sound awful. I can do it if i leave a few seconds to let the chord finish ringing out but no song can be played that slow.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

just keep practicing, its probably something like your fingers wanting to move faster than they can at the moment. So you're not really getting the full notes before you're changing if you see what i mean.
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Yeah, just sounds like the traits of an Amateur. It could be your gear, if you're using beginner stuff.
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It could be beginner gear but also just keep practicing! Either way you will get better and that noise will go away which will just prove you are getting better haha Plus people say the beginner stuff is easy but I've been playing for 3 years now and I still get this problem here and there. Just keep at it!
Thanks for the quick response

I know it will eventually get better with practice but should i be practicing taking my fingers off quicker or try speeding up the chord change to cover up the crappy noise?
even when it doesnt buzz it still rings out as open strings once ive taken my fingers off and before i put them on the next chord.

This guitar business isnt as easy as i thought it would be!
practice keeping your fingers down solid for a bit on each chord to get your fingers used to having to get into that position. make sure each string sounds whilst you play the chord and then try to change chords.
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The thought of you humping her limp body is hilarious.

Thanks for the help and i will be practicing each chord but thats not my problem at the moment. The problem (noise) occurs when taking my fingers off a chord in order to change to another. This could even be normal but covered by the next chord if the change is quick enough. Im Just not sure, any pointers welcome.