hey guys,erm.i'll get straight to the point.anyone of you here know any nice catchy riffs,those sort of riffs you would play when you go to a guitar shop and try out a new guitar or something like that? i thinking of buying myself a new guitar but erm..i don't really wanna embarrass myself by playing something noobish and stupid. thanks
play what ever you want in the end it's your guitar

but if you ask my opinion i will play master of puppets
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Play something like Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix or the intro of Walk by Pantera.
play laid to rest or 11th hour by lamb of god. if you play the whole song of either you'll get a good idea of how the guitar sounds in the lower and upper registers...for cleans i'd go with the intro of my curse by killswitch engage, or the intros of the moor or hessian peel by opeth. If you go with opeth you could just play thru blackwater park, a ridiculously badass riff song.
Blackbird - The Beatles
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