I need some help. Today I will play a gig with an Engl Screamer Combo. I never played with one and dont know how to tune it. It's not an important or long gig and i dont have enough time to change the treble bass mid etc. while playing so i just need one clean tuning and one overdrive tuning.
Here are the songs I will play so that you can tell me two good attitudes
Audioslave- Be yourself
Green Day- When September ends
Knocking on heavens door

All Right Now- Free
Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
( of course When september ends and be yourself will be played with overdrive too)

Thank you, dont think too much just give me two good attitdues for the amp ( Clean and Overdrive)
If you're talking about "tuning" an amp, you are talking about adjusting the Gain, Treble, Mids and Bass.
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In my opinion, if you don't have too much time to adjust all the EQ settings, just set it flat, boost mids as you need to cut through the mix but not sound too boxy/honky. I played a Screamer once, but that was through an ENGL 2x12, still it sounded great as soon as I plugged into it, real sweet sound.

can you please rewrite your post so that most of the guys here can understand you
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Gain 5
Bass 6
Mid 4
Treble 6-7

Try that. It depends on your guitar, room size, there's so many different factors its tough to just give you settings and say they'll be good. That should be a good starting point for you though and you can tinker from there.
just put bass at 6 mids 7-8 treble 4 and presence at 4 ,
gain where you want, you can use same eq on clean channel also

also put channel volumes at 5-7 and master lower to put volume where you want it to be

ive had a screamer for a year and you dont want more than 4 on treble and presence
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lol, sorry I just had a minute to write that post. I'm German and I'm 14 so don't be so angry about my english, jesus...

But thanks to the others which helped me
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i have the amp but i play through a 4x12 so it will be a bit different. i set it with bass at about 4, mids at about 7-8, treble 3.5, lead presence about 4 and lead at about 4.5. but keep in mind the combo had a v30 which has more mids and less bass then speakers i am using and i play a strat which is naturally bright so i need to cut the highs. best bet is to set it flat and cut the bass a touch and boost the mids a touch.
generally taming the brightness of the overdrive is generally the thing with the screamer- the cleans are pretty good, personally i'd set it up for a good overdrive and then make do with whatever clean tone you get out of it, as long as you don't use daft settings the cleans should be at least decent (if not better). For those overdrive tones i'd probably use the lead channel in low gain mode... try the bass and mids pretty high (7-9) with the treble and presence a bit lower (3-5), and then adjust that to taste. maybe switch to the crunch mode of the clean channel for free, and to the high gain mode of the lead channel for nirvana.

EDIT: bear in mind that the settings will depend a lot on what volume you're playing at, as i said, feel free to tweak those settings or even completely disregard them if they don't sound "right".
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