Hi all
I wanna get some opinions on this two Epis:Les Paul custom and Goldtop.
Which this would be better for me?
i play punk,alternative,hard rock and al little grunge and metal.
Well i have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and its very nice. theres no difference between the custom and the goldtop. The only difference is the finish but i would say get the Goldtop, it looks cooler.
i think the goldtop has a maple top, whereas the custom is mahogany, so i would guess the goldtop's tone would be ever so slightly brighter.
but i reckon the custom is way sexier anyway, thats what ive got!
You can get a goldtop with humbuckers which i think you should get but the p90s are ugly and dont sound as good so if you do get a Goldtop get one with humbuckers.
metal or something with many gain and p90's don't go along together that well, so I would go for the custom.
Those P90 single coils might sound cool for some of the grunge stuff, but for the hard rock/metal you're going to want humbuckers.
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it depends on the sound you want. a lot of punk uses P90s, but humbuckers will give you more versatility...
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Are you talking about the '56 Goldtop with the P-90s?

look at the post i did a little bit before yours...
im not sure which model but im talkin about the one with the humbuckers. Also the Slash signature Goldtop has Seymour duncan pickups which would be great for the style of music you play
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look at the post i did a little bit before yours...

Yeah, saw that afterwards and edited. I'd definitely be leaning humbuckers for the music listed in the OP.
I have been a Gibson collector for many years and I never cared for Epi but in the last couple years I have become a big Epi fan, the quality of these has really improved to the point they easily stand their own with a lot of the big names.

I used to tell people to try several Epis because they were very inconsistent but lately all the ones I have played were very consistent more so than Gibson, they seemed to be very inconsistent lately. I still love Gibson but i find it harder to find any that I like.

I think either LP would suit you fine.