I'm probably going to buy a Michael Kelly Patriot Custom next week sometime, but first I have a question. The coil-splitting is a major feature on the guitar, and it's nice, but if I decide to upgrade the humbuckers later down the road, will I be be to coil-split them as well? Or is coil-splitting a feature specific to the Rockfield pickups that come with the guitar?

Many thanks!
As long as they are four conductor pick ups they can be coil split you just have to do some research before buying.
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Bear in mind as well that not all pickups sound good when split. Some pickups are designed specifically to be split (Seymour Duncan Stag Mag, Swineshead AMP), some sound fairly decent when split (Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates, Seymour Duncan Jazz, Gibson BurstBucker #1/#2/#3, Swineshead Runaway), and some pickups sound terrible when split (Seymour Duncan Distortion, Swineshead Warthog, DiMarzio PAF Pros).

If/when you switch the pickups, you may want to think about making it a series/parallel switch instead of a coil-split. Switching to parallel wiring makes a humbucker sound much the same as it does when you split it, except parallel remains hum-less and it's not quite as harsh sounding, which can help the pickup sound better if it's one that doesn't normally sound good split.
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