Mansons guitar shop in exeter?


I couldn't be happier.

Product Description
1972 was a magical year for the Telecaster® guitar, which was then available in several new designs and with more options than ever before. 2009 is an even more magical as the technical wizards here at Mansons Guitar shop have now installed a Fuzz Factory and the all new style stealth switch!! The Stealth switch acts as a Kill switch but allows easier access for ease of use!!

The ’72 Telecaster Custom features many of those options, including an alder body, a C-shaped maple neck, bullet truss rod, ’70s vintage hardtail strings-through Strat® bridge, three-bolt neckplate.
To top it all off we have added our own Manson MBK2 pickups to give a huge humbucking tone. The matched set of pickups deliver subtle clean sounds to sledgehammer heavy riffs. The neck pickups is a genuine P90 with an output of 7k. The bridge pickup is a powerful humbucker wound to 15k for huge tone!!

Pictures turned out quite big, sorry!

The three buttons on the buttom are the Stability, Drive and compression controls of the built-in fuzz factory.

The guitar has an amazing sound, it's full, dynamic, and screaming! the p90 delivers subtle cleans, and the mansons custom MB-1 delivers powerfull tone.

Customizations include: Killswitch on the scratchplate, Fuzz factory (with drive), custom scratchplate, custom wound manson pickups. (p90 in the neck, mb-2 in the bridge)

I've only played it for 2 hours now, but it's so amazingly versitile! The fuzz factory screams like a banchee after a long night of getting fkd in ther arse by a 15" ******, the p90 delivers heavenly cleans! The fuzz factory is actually very wide, the base doesn't appear to dissapear on extremer treble settings, it's an overal pleasing sound.

The knob on the left (guitar in the stand) is the stability knob. Lowering this makes it go into oscillation and the lower you make it go, the lower the oscillation. The middle button is drive. It controlles the drive/amount of fuzz. I've also found that the drive sets the highest tone the stab will make it scream. The third knob is the compression knob. With this completely off, the oscillation sound will sound 'midi-esque', with it on about 14:00 it will make the note distort a bit, wich gives you the scream effect you want. The compressor knob also adjusts the 'feel of the fuzz', on maximum it gives a stuttery effect.

THe fuzz factory is really responsive to pickups and switches sound from mellow to hardrocking qsssssqqqqshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on the bucker.

Rolling down the volume massively cleans up the fuzz.

The fuzz factory makes noise, but with the stability knob all the way up, it's dead silent.

also, there is a buckethead-esque killswitch, wich kill the sound when pressed. (jordan sound?)

want to hear more? Ill try to post clips, but my recording ability is limited, so sound may not reflect real sound!
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No, just disregard all the posts in this thread that say that the tone is noticeably worse when it's dying...

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epic. i was never a fan of teles, but this just changed my perspective of them.
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The reflection of you with the camera in the pickguard made me laugh. Nice guitar though!
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That's a beautiful looking guitar. I don't know if the pictures are at an angle, but those three knobs for the FF don't look evenly spaced. But, she's a beaut man. I'm sure it sounds just phenomenal.
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That's a beautiful looking guitar. I don't know if the pictures are at an angle, but those three knobs for the FF don't look evenly spaced. But, she's a beaut man. I'm sure it sounds just phenomenal.

I can assure you the knobs are lined up perfectly, the middle button is slightly smaller than the other two to improve access. She sounds amazing.

The's called Bella from now on. (my jackson being named Floyd)
I should have took your word for it when you said 'lots of pics'
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For a second I thought you got the MB-1 since all I could see at first was the mention on Manson's shop. I was gonna find you and steal it!
I have always loved chrome Hardware, my RR3 even has a chrome pick guard.
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someone likes muse or telecasters with fuzz factories built into them I suppose

still, one hell of an epic NGD mate


Looks sick, how are the pickups?

I had to zoom out to view the pics

HNGD, always was intrigued by it but could never justify the price especially with shipping,

Just damn.

That is amazing.


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