OK guys my question is.. will this work?

as footswitch for the reverb on the amp... i was thinking about Peavey's Valveking

i didnt want to put the relay style footswitch(actually i didnt want couse i dont know how they work :p) so i thought of this one... but i aint sure if itll be noisless...

if the signal goes to the 1st wire the Reverb is on but the 2nd is not grounded and gould catchsome hiss and also Vise versa... i just wanted to do itwithonly one jack so i didnt even took a ground tothe footswitch.. also its impossible to put there a LED without additional battery...
eh i know it sux but i at least tried
may be other suggesion??

this probably makes no sence and is messed upsosorry if so
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1 - a pointless bump after 40 minutes is rude. Please don't do that again.

2 - not interested in opening a zip. one never knows if there might be a virus or something inside. drawings are easily uploaded as an image file. most people just upload those to photobucket or one of the other image hosting sites.

good luck
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