so im gonna replace the liscensed floyd rose on a jackson dinky because its crapping out on me. if i bought a better liscensed FR or a real one, would it be a direct switch or would i have to make any modifications. can anyone recommend a better liscensed floyd rose than jackson?


how tough would it be to take the trem off and block the cavity and make it a hard tail? anyone had experience with this?

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it might be a direct switch, but depending on where you go to buy the OFR, you may have to have exact measurements to make sure you get one that'll be the same size, and if any of those measurements are off, it might be too big or small to fit in your guitar. i would suggest this place for a OFR because it's the cheapest place i've found online, and i've already searched extensively cause i want to replace all 3 of my licensed ones with a real one.


and making it a hardtail may be more trouble than it's worth.