Overall: yes.

Is it a good idea? no.
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Lets think about this for a second, electricity and water.... Hmm sounds fine with me!
Lets jump in a pool

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They're usually not plugged in in music videos. Pretty sure you could get yourself killed otherwise.

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clean water doesn't conduct electricity

Demineralised water can't be found in wild nature. Rain is filled to the brim with lovely conducting ions.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
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electrics= as long as it doesnt touvh any electronics and its properly varneshed and doesnt touch any exposed wood or end grain.

Amps= deffinatlly no common sense there

acoustics= definatly no and bit of mosture can throw them off tune and ruin them from the inside
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is the puppy solid state or tube?

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solid state. when she screams it pisses me off


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Dimebag had s*** tone and that guitar plays like an abortion. Come at me, bro!

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It's because Garth Brooks brings the ****in' br00tz.
One should avoid getting water on ones guitar! The dried wood could soak up moisture anywhere the wood isn't sealed with finish causing swelling which may never go back to original shape after drying again. Working musicians playing outdoors generally have a shelter over the stage to avois hvaing to cancel playing should it rain.
Moving on.....
guitars can get wet. but you shouldn't play one while it's raining.
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

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I've been wondering this too because I tend to sweat a lot while playing guitar.

Also, @ the music video.

you sweat while playing? man u must have some intense jam sessions =P

yea when i saw the vid i was like x_X.. those guys are throwin their strat, les paul and stuff all up in the mud >_<
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clean water doesn't conduct electricity

Stick to music, forget about physics.
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what a guitarapist. horrible vid btw
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Let's face it. If you not going to chuck a massive sad if your guitar gets wrecked (like it's not vintage or anything) and you really want to do it. I say go for it if the opportunity presents itself.
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What? So you guys don't clean your guitars in the bath then?

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you sweat while playing? man u must have some intense jam sessions =P
I take it from that you haven't started gigging yet ... it gets pretty damn hot up there. Why do think drummers always end up taking their shirt off?
'can your electric get wet'

When you put electric and water in the same sentence... you kinda notice the answer yourself
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Lmao pantera? you'd think obama listened to some tupac or something
When I finger her for a while yea....

Or when my sweat drips on her....

yes yes...this can have many different meanings...
I do have a bit of a related question. I play a bunch outdoors and for small crowds and the thrill of playing and feeling the energy and the satisfaction of all the hard work to do waht I love, make people happy, and that tends to make me all wild or at least make my heart beat fast and heat myself up big time and I sweat a hell load.

I have a Gibson Faded (I love it! Pure mahogany, F that maple cap for the time being) and I'm wondering if sweat would do anything harmful since it doesn't even have a glossed finish.
That video is retarded. Plus for music videos they don't plug in the guitars and if they're gonna trash them like that they'll use cheapo knock-off guitars.
So are their guitars pretty much fucked?
I mean I'm guessing the hollow body is, but what about the strat? I've always kinda wondered...

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in addition to all of that, you also win the thread.

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>:O littlejoy isnt a creep hes full of win unlike you
Depends how good at foreplay you are.
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When you see music videos with bands getting rained on, they have dummy amps and typically use a guitar they don't mind changing the pups in

EDIT: Upon further review....that video in TS's original post would probably be one of the most fun video shoots EVER
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man, Natrone you're some kind of ninja I swear

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i realize the longshot that is. little giant to humongous one.

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i didn't listen to a whole 30 seconds of that song, but i didn't see a single chord. they probably didn't have the guitars plugged in, so they were safe from shock. they just ruined some perfectly good instruments with **** loads of mud
long time ago MANY MANY moons ago... I saw G&R in Wurzburg Germany in an outside concert... it POURED. .and I mean MONSOON Poured... and they just kept on playing... not sure how the equipment fared but they never skipped a beat... didn't slow slash down with his running around....

they were pretty good, would have been better if i knew what they were sayin.
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what a horrible thing to do to those instruments. i dont even see the cool factor of playing in the mud like that..but hey, whatever
To the OP, What band is playing in the video you posted and what is the song they are playing? I'm into bands that sing in languages I don't know.
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They know that Japanese make good stuff.

IC whut u did thar
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

Leave it on the press, Depress Depress Taboot Taboot.
that video is awesome.

that is sadly not able to be done amplified.
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I think TS likes to play in the mud and doesn't want us to know.

Wha!? no lol i was just watching the video. lol i was more thinkin of doing a "rain" video not in teh mud >_< lol

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To the OP, What band is playing in the video you posted and what is the song they are playing? I'm into bands that sing in languages I don't know.

they are called megane vision.. or メガネビション if your trying to google. them.
im not sure if ull find much since they are an unknown indie band
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water can also warp the wood essentially making it unplayable, most of the guitars that ive seen in music vids after are unplayable and in the first place can be test guitars which companies buy for the artists so they can get them all wet and knackard, i thought that was well known as its common sense.

A guitar which has been warped is impossible to get it to sound anywhere as decent as before the water damage happened. ive set up one guitar before which a student left it outside in the rain and it was shot.....thank god for warranty's aye??

Overall Bad Bad Bad idea
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Lets think about this for a second, electricity and water.... Hmm sounds fine with me!
This guys wet and still plays guitar, so it'll be fine!

But really, no.