ok ive been playing electric for 1 and a half years now, and i learned by learning different songs from specific artists. First it was random artists that i liked b4 i expanded my music. then it was mcr (flame shield up) and then a7x....yeah not the best thing to start out w/ .... recently i started learning alot of gnr and that worked really well on the learning area....i still feel like i shud learn more but still want to stay more to classic rock

so, ug what do u suggest
Try some blues and develop a style and improv and everything. There's a lot to learn in that. It's fun too.
haha ive started that (Hell's Bells & Rock n Roll Train) but there not very fun for me....
i luv listening to em (awsome new album) but for me its not very fun to play....if u hav a song suggestion shoot away

and ya i learnd a lil bit of clapton....thats pretty good